Partnership with Afrobrains cameroon (ABC)

AfroBrains Cameroon(ABC) has created the opportunity for partnership from anyone especially Cameroonians home and in the diaspora who wish to invest and make money in agribusiness through the AfroBrains Cameroon vision

Partnership opportunities

ABC-Share Partners: You can buy shares and enjoy clean profits with the AfroBrains Cameroon agribusiness family.

ABC-Branch partners: With one million FCFA or more depending on your choice of scale, you can choose your suitable location for an AfroBrains Cameroon Branch Partner and become the main wholesale distributor  in that area. ABC will setup the store, brand the store, stock the store at factory prices, provide you with promotion/advertisement and train your store manager and delivery staff and support in management. You will be able to monitor your sales and profits real-time from anywhere in the world using our reliable and secured database system. This is a great opportunity for those in the diaspora to create opportunities for family back home, invest and make money while creating jobs and feeding families back home !!

ABC-Fixed Investment Partners:  A fixed amount invested in AfroBrains Cameroon will also enjoy quarterly profits.
ABC-Farmer Partners: Individual farmers, local farming groups and youth farming groups can also take the opportunity to supply primary farm products to AfroBrains Cameroon and also enjoy profits with the ABC family.

Partnering with AfroBrains Cameroon is not just making money but creating employment, feeding families with healthy foods and changing the lives of millions of Africans for the betterment of mankind!!!…There is no better way to invest.

Let’s build something together.


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