HEALTHY FOODS FOR HEALTHY LIFE with AfroBrains is our priority. Creating value for African while earning to impact lives positively. Organic Food Transformation, Combining years of hard work and shared family knowledge.

AfroBrains  is an agricultural and agro-transformation initiative powered by renewable energy for Africa. Headquartered in Yaoundé, Cameroon. the Company was started in 2016. The founder being an African was motivated by passion to impact lives positives while creating value for sustainability. the Company is also involved in the building and Optimization of Machines for Agriculture, food transformation and the automation of other processes in Africa. 

Our Product Categories

Natural Vegetable oils

We Produce Fresh natural vegetables oils that are 100% organic and Healthy. We deliver locally, nationally and internationally  directly shipped from our factory.

Organic Melon Seed oil

Organic Melon seed cooking oil Melon seeds contain about 65% of oil depending on the species. Heavily loaded with vitamin A and other rich substances this organic cooking oil is one of the best in the market of cooking oils. This can be used for frying, cooking, etc.

Organic Plantain Flour

Plantain Flour This is a lifesaver for everyone. Perfect for fast cooking. Goes with all types of soups and vegetables. Students can testify!

Organic Tomato Paste

Tomato paste produced under very hygienic conditions and pasteurized for maximum shelf life. Fresh taste and healthy.

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Happy Customers & Buyers

“Happy employees relate happiness to customers”. The key to our success ! 

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.“Success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success”.

While others feed fears and passions and take advantage of innocent People world wide, AfroBrains heals the fears and passions and emphasizes on meeting needs of humanity!

Our Functionality

Deliver Right to your Location

We deliver our Organic Food Right to your place with free shipping.

Pick Facility is Available

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Recharge your wallet with MTN/Orange

The AfroBrains mobile application and register your wallet account in simple secured steps. you can simply Recharge your AfroBrains wallet from your Orange mobile Money/MTN mobile money/PayPal and order your food directly from the shop section of the app. Our fast delivery service will bring your food to your doorsteps and you can track it real-time. Feel free to call customer service or delivery agent at any point after ordering.