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Who is Afrobrains Cameroon?

AfroBrains Cameroon(ABC) is an agribusiness startup based in Yaoundé, Cameroon. The ABC initiative is simply the mechanization of local food cultivation by training of youths in the building of simple machines and tools for cultivation of natural crops, and also the building of machines for the transformation of harvested crops to semi-finished and finished products. The initiative aims to enhance food production and to solve the challenge of food insecurity and  post-harvest loss which faces most farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa. The ABC initiative goes a long way to create jobs, especially for youths. On the other hand, quality and standard packaging is a another challenge that ABC is addressing by providing locally made good quality and standard packaging solutions to many local companies and individuals venturing in the food industry in Cameroon.  At ABC, we collaborate with local farmers especially women and youths farming groups in the cultivation of a variety of crops and poultry products using affordable modern Agric-Technologies. AfroBrains Cameroon has established shops across the Cameroon to market and sell its products post transformation and packaging.

Reduce post harvest loss

Poultry Farming

Women and Youth Empowerment

Collaborate with local farmers

Affordable modern Agric-technologies


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