Who is Afrobrains Cameroon (ABC)

AfroBrains Cameroon(ABC) is an agribusiness startup based in Yaoundé, Cameroon. ABC is addressing food insecurity, post-harvest loss, and unemployment using modern Agric-Technologies. At ABC, we collaborate with local farmers especially women and youths farming groups in the cultivation of a variety of crops and poultry products using affordable modern Agric-Technologies. Our collaboration takes the form of supporting the farmers with natural seeds, affordable farming tools, and environmentally friendly inputs for cultivation. We then buy all the harvests to feed our food transformation unit located at Nomayos street, Mbankomo, Yaounde, Cameroon. Our goal is not just to improve the availability of food but we take the safty of processes, the quality of our products, the scalability of the initiative, and the sustainability of the food chain seriously. We welcome orders for our natural food products from other parts of the world but our priority is Cameroon and sub-Saharan Africa whose food security situation needs attention.

Reduce Post Harvest Loss

Poultry Farming

Women and Youth Empowerment

Collaborate with local farmers

Affordable modern Agric-Technologies

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What does AfroBrains do?

AfroBrains Runs a multiproduct organic food transformation factory that collaborates with local farmers by supplying to them organic manure and seeds, and after harvest, AfroBrains buys all farm products and preserve them or transform them into other forms according to the market. AfroBrains agribusiness also collaborates with youths by supplying to them animal seeds such as; day-old chicks, piglets, fish seeds, etc, and after harvest, AfroBrains buy all the products and preserve them or transforms them into other forms according to the market. Many jobs are created through Mechanized crop cultivation, Mechanized animal cultivation, and automated food transformation.  After preservation and transformation, the semifinished products such as; a variety of organic flours, variety of organic cooking oil, variety of noodles, plantain/potato chips, pepper sauce, organic tomato sauce, etc,   are moved to AfroBrain’s sales outlets/restaurants where they are sold and others transformed to finished products such as; bread, balls, donuts, cakes, Tom Brown, soy meat, soy powder milk, etc. 

What is the AfroBrains agribusiness about?

AfroBrains AgriBusiness is an African initiative that addresses food security, post-harvest loss, and job creation through the addition of value on organic agricultural products by automation of local organic food preservation and transformation processes using locally designed technologies along with contextualized technologies transferred from other jurisdictions.

How do AfroBrains plan to scale?

AfroBrains agribusiness currently runs its first two outlets in Yaounde, Cameroon where the main factory is situated and plans to scale to other cities progressively. AfroBrains agribusiness also welcomes investors from other African countries to partner with AfroBrains and set up a similar project in other African countries.

How do customers buy from AfroBrains sales outlets?

AfroBrains runs an android/IOS application with a highly secured wallet that customers can credit using already existing MTN mobile money, Orange Mobile money, Paypal, and other payment systems and use the credited wallet to order AfroBrains products directly online in just a few clicks and the AfroBrains fast delivery high power electric motorbikes service will take the products to the customer’s doorsteps for a little additional fee according to distance from a sales outlet. customers can also contact our outlets directly or walk into our outlets in Yaounde. 

Investing with AfroBrains

The AfroBrains agribusiness has so many unexploited potentials. AfroBrains is inviting African investors to join the project in Yaounde and future projects in other cities in Cameroon and other African nations. There are partnership possibilities and other ways to join the AfroBrains AgriBusiness initiative.

How does AfroBrains sustain the use of the machines in terms of power and maintenance?

The AfroBrains Initiative is conceived and formed by engineers specialized in Machine building and optimization. AfroBrains also do fabrication workshops and apprenticeship training for youths in Machine building (especially crop cultivation machines and food transformation machines) and maintenance. The AfroBrains factory runs on Biogas/LPG as renewable and sustainable energies. 


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