About Us

AfroBrains is a private Company partnering with local farmers and youths in the farming of agricultural products and the transformation and preservation of the products to other forms using renewable energies. AfroBrains focuses on the African market with headquarter in Yaounde, Cameroon.

Our Values:

Contextualizing machines

Most machines sold on the world market are not designed for Africa. Sometimes the machines bought from world markets will do what we want but maintenance and sustainability (African food materials are generally harder) of the machines will become a huge challenge. AfroBrains Engineers reverse engineer these machines to make sure they are fit for use in the context of Africa, they also make sure the machines are easy to manage and maintain. This usually makes the machines more affordable and sustainable. The longterm goal is to build the machines in Africa.

Ordering Machinery and logistics

ordering Machines from Asia and sorting logistics to Africa is usually a very tedious and expensive process for most Africans. AfroBrains makes this very east by representing the buyers to check the machines and make sure no parts are left behind or delays in delivery.
AfroBrains international, over the years, has played keys roles in community-based agro-transformation initiatives in Ghana, Zambia, and Botswana.
However, AfroBrains is currently setting up her first agro-processing food transformational unit (AfroBrains Cameroon) in Yaoundé, Cameroon. AfroBrains Cameroon is 70% completed and is designed to transform most of the farm products across Cameroon into finished products.
(See activities of AfroBrains Cameroon).

B. AfroBrains Cameroon

AfroBrains Cameroon is a medium-size agricultural and food transformation unit registered in Yaounde Cameroon. Though the enterprise is new, the potential for growth is huge. Food in Africa is not just food but a culture, a way of life. AfroBrains understands that “we are what we eat”, we try to preserve the African diet and culture in a modern way while preserving its quality and culture. AfroBrains Cameroon removes the stress and hard work spent on cooking in Cameroon and across Africa.

Technical Consultancy

AfroBrains provides consultancy services to Government officials, Individuals, and institutions from Africa and diaspora. African communities also contact Afrobrains to guide them through the planning and setting up of agro-transformation, and renewable energies initiative.

Happy Customers & Buyers

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Ngwa Peter

AfroBrains is very timely and brings the exact solutions the people need.

Atangana Bertrand

AfroBrains gives a brand new approach to cooking in Africa.

Dr. Njifon Micheal