AfroBrains Cameroon is a medium-sized enterprise operating in agriculture, agro-transformation, and renewable energies in Cameroon. The activities of AfroBrains Cameroon includes but not limited to;

  • Food transformation
    Tubers: The initiative plans to collaborate with local tuber farmers and buy tubers like cocoyam, sweet potatoes, corn, yams, Irish potatoes, plantains, etc. from local farmers and transform into chips and flours. While the chips will be packaged as snacks, the flours can be used for bread, cake, fufu, etc. The unit will also further transform the flours to macaroni and other forms of fast food.
    Grains: Besides tubers, the unit plans to partner with local farmers and buy grains like groundnut, soybeans, egusi, corn, etc. these grains will be transformed into different flavors of cooking oils. This transformation process also produces by-products like feeds for chickens or kernel and coconut cakes for pigs.
    Peppers and tomatoes: AfroBrains plans to also partner with local farmers to buy and transform fresh peppers to pepper source with about 2 years shelf lives supplied for home consumption and commercial food vendors, restaurants, and hotels. The unit will also transform fresh tomatoes and packaged in biodegradable paper bottles with more than 1year 5 months shelf life.
  • Agricultural Technologies Training : AfroBrains will also set up a training center for specific skills in Agricultural, agro-transformation, and renewable energies. The training will be periodic for farming communities and selected youths in specific skills they need for their activities. Such skills will include but not limited to Seed selection, manure making, farming technologies and techniques, transformation machine installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. hygiene and health standards and innovative ways to power food transformational units using medium biogas plants, etc.
  • Renewable energies: AfroBrains will also collaborate and encourage other institutions by providing affordable technical knowledge and links to manufacturing factories, to set up cheap renewable energy systems like electricity supply systems powered by biogas and other renewable sources of power.
    AfroBrains will always be open to collaborating with the government of Cameroon and educational institutions regarding the contextualization of the educational curriculum, strategies to orientate education towards talent and skill-based, closing the gap between academia and industry, etc.

Why AfroBrains?

The most neglected resources in Africa are not gold, diamond, or oil, Africa is yet to develop conscious efforts to tap into her human resources especially the Africans in the diaspora. Such efforts will link the challenges in Africa, especially in agricultural, agro-transformation, and renewable energies to contextualized solutions from sons and daughters of the continent. According to the World Bank (2010), the African diaspora is approximated to be 140 million people in the Western Hemisphere, with a large percentage of Africa’s brain drain going to the United States and Canada (Kaba, 2011). These are startling statistics about how Africa’s human resource goes unnoticed. Furthermore, in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), the World Bank reports about 70% post-harvest waste. The World Bank also reports Africa’s yearly import of food to the value of about $35 billion as of 2018. This figure is expected to climb to about $110 billion by 2025. Notice that, the estimate was made long before the COVID 19 epidemic. In addition to all these, Africa still has an energy deficit of about $35billion each year. This $35 billion energy deficit could be covered by the post-harvest grains wastage, which in SSA is estimated to be about $75 billion. These figures and more forms part of the bases motivating AfroBrains. AfroBrains sees all these statistics as a reservoir of huge opportunities available in agriculture, agro-transformation, and renewable energies. Initiatives in these sectors will fight food security, unemployment, and poor health.

Mission and Vision

Our core mission is to minimize post-harvest wastage in the community; we will uphold the gospel of food security. We also aim at developing sets of agro-transformation skills and training young people in robotics and other related skills that would enable them to build machines.
AfroBrains Cameroon is envisioned towards becoming the premier brand that brings post-harvest wastage to a minimum. Thereby improving the agricultural sector, which will motivate more farmers to farm

Competitive advantage

AfroBrains Cameroon will ally with our clients. Our competitive edge is building long-term relationships with our customers and constantly delivering the best at all times. We will build defenses against the competition. The longer our relationships stand, the more we help our customers find pleasure and delight in patronizing us.
AfroBrains Cameroon will become the dominant leader and maintain its position from the following competitive advantages;
 Unique features and interaction of our website.
 Strategic relationships with our other experts in the industry and customers all over the globe.
 Price: Our pricing is affordable
 Better value to customers in terms of quality.

Let’s build something together.

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